Electronic Program Guide

JACON EPG PSI/SI solution creates and transmits DVB EIT tables and PSI/SI tables according to DVB specifications and supports play-out of data in elementary streams.

The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is one the basic function most useful over audio and video for a digital television operator. This application is used with digital set-top boxes to list current and scheduled programs.

The PSI is intended to bind all the elements of a transport stream together whereas the SI is intended to bind a number of services and transport streams together in order to provide a multi-channel broadcasting environment. Majority of standard PSI/SI tables are supported. Additional non standard tables can be created upon request.

DPM, Data Play-out Manager is used to stream data to DVB multiplexors. It can stream any type of data formated to .trp file format. However in majority of deployments, it is used to stream firmware updates to STBs, commonly known as OTA. For most of the STBs to accept new firmware upgrade some signalization inside PSI/SI tables has to be done. Our PSI/SI distributor model can serve this purpose.